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A Message of Hope

Hi, I'm Lisa, the creator of this site. If you're currently homeless or about to be, I know what it's like and how hard it can be. If you're feeling hopeless, if the days are too hard and you feel like giving up, please don't. I've created this message for you.

No Shelters Near You?

Consider Primitive Tent Camping

If there are no shelters by you, a campground may be a much cheaper option than staying at a motel. Tent sites typically cost around $10-20 a night. If you have one or more people join you, you can split the cost. There are also some free camping locations across the state.

Some campgrounds have showers facilities and water near the campsites. You can get a rope and make a clothesline to dry your clothes on. You can get a cheap tent and a small lock to put on the tent zipper to store your belongings when you're away.

As long as you keep your campsite clean and don't cause trouble, you can likely stay without an issue.

Extended Stay Motels

If you have some money, but not enough to rent an apartment, you might be able to afford to stay at an extended stay or weekly motel or hotel.

Top 10 Cheap Weekly Motels in OKC

Cheap Motels Near OKC

Need a Ride Somewhere?

If you don't have a car, it can be difficult to get where you need to go. Here are some resources to help you:

Oklahoma Public Transportation Services
Oklahoma's transportation department has a directory of all the public transportation services available across Oklahoma.

Heartland Flyer
Travel between Oklahoma City and Dallas using the AMTRAK railroad.

Free Greyhound Bus Tickets
The Grants for Geeks website has a lot of information about how and where you can get free bus tickets.

Rideshare Companies
If you are in a large enough city, have a smartphone, and have some money, you may be able to get a ride with Uber or Lyft.

Private Transportation Ideas
Bikes, scooters, and even lawnmowers have been used in Oklahoma to get around town. Pawnshops often have used bicycles and other equipment that may work for you. You can also check local thriftstores like Goodwill.

Totally Broke?
If you can't afford any of these options yourself, you can ask local charities and resources in your area, or your region's assistance referral person.

Assistance Referrals

If you are homeless or at risk of experiencing homelessness, you can contact someone in your region for referrals to local resources.

Mental Health Resources

211 Help Line United Way of Central Oklahoma
2-1-1 is a free, 24-hour helpline, providing Oklahomans access to information about health and human services. If you’re not in an emergency situation, you can also use 2-1-1 Oklahoma to get connected to the help you need, such as: rental assistance, food pantries, affordable housing, health resources, child care, after-school programs, caregiver support, financial programs, literacy, and job programs.

Mental Health Association of Oklahoma
The Mental Health Association of Oklahoma helps those struggling with mental illness and homelessness. They have locations in OKC and Tulsa where they can assist with housing and other services.

Mental Health America
Mental Health America advances the mental health and well-being of all Americans through direct service, public education, research, advocacy, and public policy. They drive progress with a public health perspective through community-based solutions and a national agenda.

Buddy Help
BuddyHelp is a free mental health resource that provides a safe space for people who just need someone to talk to. It is volunteer-led and remote-first. Volunteer listeners work from anywhere, via their smartphones. You can connect with trained volunteer listeners for free emotional support. You can chat with their trained volunteers for free.

7 Cups
7 Cups (formerly called 7 Cups of Tea) is an online mental health platform that provides counseling and therapy to its users. The online counseling and therapy services are provided by "listeners", who have been trained in active listening, via anonymous text or voice chats. When you interact with the people at 7 cups, they will not judge you or try to solve your problems. They are simply there to listen to you.

VA Mental Health Services
Their services range from peer support with other Veterans to counseling, therapy, medication, or a combination of these options.


Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Resources

Lindell Recovery Network
Lindell Recovery Network is an online platform launched by Mike Lindell in 2019 to help people break the chains of addiction. The platform connects addicts with others who have gone through drug addiction and the recovery process, as well as faith-based treatment centers and other recovery organizations. The goal of the platform is to restore hearts and change lives through finding freedom in Jesus.