What is Freecycling?

Freecycling is where people give and receive items for FREE. Items can include clothing, books, furniture, cookware, bedding, virtually anything.

There are numerous groups on Facebook and other platforms specifically for free items. Every group has its own rules, so you will have to read the rules before you post.

When you have an item you don't need anymore, post it in one of the freecycle groups for your area. This helps others in your community and keeps stuff out of the landfills!

If there's something you need, you can post an ISO (in search of) or wanted request for it in the groups. When you see an item you want, you can ask if it is still available and arrange a pickup time for it.



You can't make requests for money or donations.

All items posted must be free. Selling is not allowed.

Whatever you receive for free you can't sell.

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